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Elfbert, Santa’s Reluctant Helper

Elfbert, Santa’s Reluctant Helper is a charming illustrated story told in rhyme about a devoted little elf who persuades Santa Claus to give children “qualities” for Christmas instead of toys with surprising and delightful results. The illustrations are rendered in an antique wood block style.

Families will look forward to bringing Elfbert out each Christmas as an entertaining and inspiring reminder of our most cherished human values. The story has been set to original music by Omaran, sung by Carol Setter, and narrated by the author and his wife, Rochelle – both professional actors.

If you’d like to listen to the 17 min audio version of Elfbert, click below audio link:

“.. love it!’s a great story to read aloud! It’s fabulous and So Needed in this crazy time of ours!” ~ E. Gale
“Adorable. And it’s sooooo needed!!! …..a breath of fresh air….good gift for the holidays.” ~ Tanya C.
Errol Strider has been communicating spiritual, philosophical and psychological principles through the arts for over 50 years as a poet, playwright, actor, dancer, mime, director, choreographer and teacher. Errol taught acting, dance, creativity, and spirituality at the University of Miami, Dominican University and Mundelein College in Chicago. He was artistic director of three theater companies. With his wife, Rochelle, Errol founded and directs Strider Innertainment, Inc. and thelaughingheart, a non-profit for personal transformation. They also host Insight Out–The Naked Truth, a radio podcast. Books and plays written by Errol include: Family Baggage (co-written with Lou Montgomery), Journeys to the Other Side of Shame, Welcome to Your Universe, the family books, Answers are Timid and Elfbert, Santa’s Reluctant Helper, and the award winning children’s musical, Adventures to Closetmush.

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