Eternal Spirit: Songs of the Cosmic Spirit

The songs/hymns in this booklet were born of my excitement around the grand vision of the evolving universe which is now emerging, and the need to express in music the resulting theology. They are my offering to the sacredness of Mother Earth, and the “Eternal Spirit” or Mystery we call God. As a Diaconal Minister and Elementary School music teacher, I have been creating music all my life- writing, teaching, leading singing, and have been encouraged to make my songs available to a wider public.

There are 16 songs in this collection and the language is inspired by Progressive Christian writers such as John Shelby Spong, Marcus Borg, and Miriam Therese Winter.

Emily Kierstead is a musician and composer, who has been writing contemporary hymns most of her life. She has produced two song books, “Eternal Spirit,” and “Holy is Our Life,” which reflect the current theology and cosmology of  today’s progressive Christianity. She is concerned that our “hymnology” and the language of our liturgy must speak to an authentic spirituality, an inclusive and scientifically based faith.She has served as a minister of the United Church of Canada since 1964, but took a six-year hiatus to teach Elementary School music while her children were little. Now retired, she and her partner Don Murray live on a lovely lake in Nova Scotia where the cry of the eagle begins their day and the call of the loon is their evening benediction.

Emily conducts a community choir comprised of forty singers from ages 17 to 86, and plays in a local fiddle group.  On the last page of each songbook is a special offer for choirs, large or small.


Copyright and Ordering:

If you wish to use this music, please purchase a minimum of 5 books for a small choir (15 singers) or 8 for a larger choir. You would then have the author’s permission to make copies for the remainder of your group.

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