The word “Evil” as defined by Abrahamic thought has left the Western vernacular.

Time to bring it back.

Here is the question: According to the Abrahamic definition are Trump and his sycophants persons of evil?

We can observe Axial Age human history as a battle of good struggling to overcome evil. Too often; evil has come out the winner. Human suffering of immense proportion has then been the result.

By definition evil is the manifestation of the dark side of the human being. Evil people are people who have succumbed to their dark side.

The question of our time is this: We have an American Congress that is self-serving and corrupt. We have a government that is placing Americans in danger nationally and internationally.

We have an incompetent President. Pictures of him doing a sword dance in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and throwing paper towels in San Juan says it all.

Are they all evil?

This NY Times Piece says it all.

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Now to the horrors on the international scene: But first, back to Abrahamic belief.

A few words from Jeremiah are in order:

Jeremiah 17:9

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. Who can know it?”

In modern terminology we have words and expressions like: neurological, psychotic, aggressive, possessive, selfish, deceptive, mean spirited, ego centric, dishonest, power hungry, narcissistic.

The payback for our insouciance extends far beyond a silly dance in Riyadh or the President’s tweets. A sixth extinction is a possibility. If you question, read this book by emeritus professor John Scales Avery.

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One Of The Greatest Living Intellectuals On Earth

Interview With John Scales Avery

If you continue to have doubts, read my book as seen on

Inquiry Abraham.com

We may be heading toward a sixth extinction. The future of Homo sapiens is uncertain. Our American President, his aides and our Congress have no recognition of this.

The battle against Donald Trump and his enablers is a battle against evil. It is a battle against the dark side of the human mind. It is a battle for human survival. It must now begin with all intensity. The recent hurricane devastation and the Las Vegas massacre were just warning signs.

Each of us must understand that acts of rebellion, however futile they appear in the moment, are not wasted.

We must oppose these evil people with every ounce of energy we have. Our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will be asking; where were you?

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