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Faith and Reason 360


Episode 9: God Amidst Our Planetary Crisis​
with Frederica Helmiere

As fires rage in California and hurricanes menace the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean, hosts Ann Phelps and Debo Dykes talk with guest Frederica Helmiere about the environment and what lessons Christians can learn from their interaction with the natural world.

Helmiere challenges Christians to examine their ideas about consumption, and the direct and indirect impact of that consumption on the global environment. She discusses the way race, class, gender and capitalism intersect with faith and the conservation of the environment. Helmiere pushes us to reflect always on the way that intersectionality is critical to understanding the management of the environment while taking into consideration justice for marginalized people.

Frederica Helmiere has spent the last fifteen years working at the intersection of religion, social justice and ecology in the United States and abroad. She is currently a multiregion coordinator at the United Religions Initiative, and has taught related undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Washington and Seattle University. Helmiere has two masters via a joint Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and Yale Divinity School, and gained her BA from Dartmouth in Religion and Environmental Studies.

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