Faith, Hope, and a Bird Called George

In this charming and deeply spiritual tale, a woman named Hope explores many of life’s most profound questions – surprisingly assisted by her cat, Faith, and her bird, George. These three talk about God’s presence and about suffering and death and the meaning of life. They talk about a prayerful relationship with God, “the presence all around us holding everything together.” Together they tackle some very tough questions, and through this sharing and reflection, Hope gains a new and deeper understanding of Jesus, God, faith and religion.

Through this deceptively simple book, Morwood offers an invitation to all believers to reflect, pray, discuss and grow so that they too might experience God, Jesus and the Spirit more deeply and profoundly.

 Twenty-Third Publications.  Mystic. Ct.     Hard Cover.     152 pages
Topics: Fiction and Poetry and Spiritual Exploration & Practice. Ages: Adult. Resource Types: Books.

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