Faith Statement from a 9th Grader

God is in the form of everything and everyone. Everyone has God inside himself or herself. Therefore we are all equal and our enemies are just as divine as us. I feel God’s presence when I am doing good for others or when I make a connection with someone.

I believe Jesus Christ is the potential of the human spirit, we all have the potential to become well mannered and content and giving like Jesus. I don’t essentially think he is the savior or a holy person, because we are all divine. He is a person and an interpretation of divinity. To live, as Christ’s disciple is to spread the teachings of Jesus and to do good for others who are less fortunate. Through the centuries people have followed Jesus because his teachings about how to live one’s life with serenity and selflessness were very inspiring.

I believe the Holy Spirit is another interpretation of divinity. It is inside every single one of us. I feel the spiritual presence of God when I’m sleeping. In some ways I think the Spirit of God is like the wind because it is a force that cannot be smelled or seen but can be felt.

I believe the Bible is a myth. Because myths are metaphors to the human spirit disguised in a captivating plot between good and evil. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is pure fantasy. But I don’t think the Bible’s purpose is to be interpreted literally. But I think each and every story has significant weight, true or altered because each suggests something much larger in scope than its actually saying. For instance, when the bible talks about the Flood that wiped out the world. I don’t believe in it factually, but I believe in it spiritually. I think it’s explaining the wiping out of the old and the new pure coming in of the spirit. Where a revelation is realized and a new perspective is found that shatters all that was thought to be in the past. Then the spirit is reborn. Whatever revelation it is, it doesn’t matter. It depends upon the reader. The Bible has taught me to always do the right thing and never succumb to do wrong. It taught me the aspects of the human spirit and how to love one another.

This church that I belong to is a community that is very open to new ideas and perspectives. They accept other people’s interpretations of God and do not say they are wrong, nor do they reject their interpretations. Each interpretation is true in its own right because God takes many forms and cannot be defined. As a result, each definition is welcome. The people who have taught me in the past year have helped confirm my beliefs and also open me to new doors. Thank you.

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