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FaithandReason® presents The Challenge of Paul, featuring John Dominic Crossan

The D. L. Dykes, Jr. Foundation (DLDF), producers of FaithandReason®, will distribute, free of charge, The Challenge of Paul, an extraordinary video learning experience with John Dominic Crossan (Themes 1 and 2, plus a digital resource guide – a $150 value) to 1,000 or more churches across the country.

Congregations or organizations interested in participating in The Challenge of Paul Gift Program are asked to email jennifervail@faithandreason.org and simply state, “Yes. I am interested in participating in The Challenge of Paul Gift Program.”


Our purpose is to inject critical thinking curriculum into adult classes and small groups in churches across America that will acquaint participants with the step by step process of establishing the Paul of History. Critical-thinking process is one that empowers individuals to think clearly and productively giving them agency to comprehend the history and the content of the Christian faith.

The Challenge of Paul is an educational video series of 18 lectures (15 to 18 minutes each) featuring renowned historical Jesus scholar, John Dominic Crossan, who guides participants through the three-dimensional world of Paul’s time and place. Crossan pushes past generations of doctrine and dogma to reveal the real-life character of Paul who shaped a generation of courageous Christ-followers to boldly challenge the greed and violence of the Roman Empire, the over-lord of the first century Mediterranean world.


Once we have confirmation of a critical mass of congregations interested in participating in The Challenge of Paul Gift Program, and funding in place, each interested participant will receive, via email, an online Letter of Invitation that will include:

• 4-color The Challenge of Paul flyer (pdf) offering an overview of the series, a brief description of John Dominic Crossan, and The Challenge of Paul Theme titles and Session titles

• link to The Challenge of Paul video trailer

Upon receipt of the online Letter of Invitation, The D. L. Dykes, Jr. Foundation, will mail The Challenge of Paul DVD or Flash Drive, along with instructions for online downloadable pdfs of Discussion Questions and Resource Transcript Guide, to the participating church or organization.


Following completion of each Challenge of Paul theme, The D. L. Dykes, Jr. Foundation, producers of FaithandReason®, will provide a link to an online SURVEY which participants will be asked to complete.

The D. L. Dykes, Jr. Foundation / FaithandReason® staff will maintain a data base of all participating churches and the SURVEY FORMS. The completed Challenge of Paul Gift Program SURVEY FORM will provide quantitative data that can be used to measure effectiveness of materials that engage participants by encouraging critical thinking and an understanding about the Paul of history and his commitment to non-violent resistance to the Roman Empire.


The D. L. Dykes, Jr. Foundation plans to implement The Challenge of Paul Gift Program by December 2017.

ACT NOW! $150.00 free gift for your church! Email jennifervail@faithandreason.org and simply state, “Yes. I am interested in participating in ‘The Challenge of Paul Gift Program.’ ”

NOTE: The Challenge of Paul, Themes 1 & 2 is valued at $150.00 and is being offered free to participating churches and organizations. The D. L. Dykes, Jr. Foundation can make this offer of FREE access to a marvelous learning experience due to the generosity of an anonymous donor. We will deliver the materials in early December, but we can only do so if a critical mass of congregations indicate interest in using them. If there is insufficient interest, the underwriting support will disappear.


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