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FaithandReason® presents The Challenge of Paul, featuring John Dominic Crossan


Paul is one of Christianity’s most impactful, yet most debated and misunderstood figures. In “The Challenge of Paul,” John Dominic Crossan gives us the benefit of his lifelong search for the Paul of history to create a new understanding that sheds new light on Paul and why he is more relevant than ever today.

Perfect for Church Classes, Small Groups, or Individual Study

Each theme contains four 15-to-18-minute video sessions, plus a Prologue in Volume 1, and downloadable discussion questions and a resource guide. A full digital transcript is available as an optional add-on. We’ve also made this product available in your choice of media: DVD or USB flash drive.

Theme 1: Paul & Jesus

  • Prologue In Search of the Historical Paul
  • Session 1 An Appealing or Appalling Apostle
  • Session 2 How to Read a Pauline Letter
  • Session 3 The Romanization of a Radical
  • Session 4 Jewish Covenant vs Roman Empire


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Paul & Jesus


Theme 2: Paul & Luke

  • Session 1 The Future of Roman Christianity
  • Session 2 Vision & Vocation in Damascus
  • Session 3 The Long-Distance Apostle
  • Session 4 The God-Worshipers


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Paul & Luke


Theme 3: Paul & Justice

  • Session 1 Baptism as New Creation
  • Session 2 War and Slavery
  • Session 3 War and Patriarchy
  • Session 4 Saint Thecla


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Paul & Justice


Theme 4: Paul & God

  • Session 1  To Make a Just World
  • Session 2 The Greatest of These
  • Session 3 Those Who Have Slept
  • Session 4 On a Mission for Unity
  • Epilogue And So We Came to Rome


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Paul & God


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