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Finding Your Feet After Fundamentalism


Finding Your Feet After Fundamentalism

By Darrell Lackey


Did you grow up in the world of Christian fundamentalism or evangelicalism? 

Have you grown uncomfortable in those traditions? Have you contemplated leaving? Or, have you left those worlds and now feel homeless in a religious or spiritual sense? If any of those categories describes you, then this book is for you.

Author Darrell Lackey was once where you were or are now. He was pastor of a Southern Baptist church. Raised in the Southern Baptist world, and educated at a Southern Baptist seminary, he knows first-hand what that world is like.

In Finding Your Feet After Fundamentalism, Lackey explodes the myths of certainty and “chosen-ness,” deconstructs the end-of-the-world revenge fantasies fundamentalists thrive on, considers the ridiculous things pastors say, calls out fundamentalist idolatry of the Bible, critiques the right-wing’s utter abandonment of Good News, and documents his journey toward reconstructing a healthy faith.

Join him on that journey. This book is a summation of his reflections—his reasons—for leaving that world. It’s not a “how-to” book or a purely autobiographical walk down memory lane. It is, rather, an attempt to articulate a way of viewing the Christian life in a way that is helpful rather than toxic.
Published by Apocryphile Press

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