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First Wednesday of the Month- Progressive Clergy Zoom-Support

A Safe Space: Progressive Clergy Support Group

Decompress. Share. Feel seen. Be real.

Stay as anonymous as you wish. Your parishioners, congregants, local colleagues, subordinates, and superiors needn’t know that you are cracking around the edges, losing hope, etc.

Time to just be you in this terrible time.

Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer of Religion-Outside-The-Box moderates progressive clergy of all denominations in a safe space.

The weekly group decided that we would change to monthly. So, if you’d like to join for some uncensored clergy-ness, please do.

Starting Wednesday, Sept 5th at  4:15pm EST (1:15pm PST) 40 minutes

Click here for Meeting ID:  (This NOT the same link we used in the past.)

With love,

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