Flow of Water, Flow of Life

A meandering stream runs close to a rural church dear to his childhood

With clear water in springtime, turned a sullied brown by summer’s end


Its babbling sounds still echo in his mind with memories that are good

He’d sit on the banks with a fishing pole in hand next to his best friend


A stone he would toss into the shallow brook, splashing the surface above

Wondering where little waves go as the ripples returned to an even flow


It was a period of peaceful adventure with nature, a time he truly did love

Decades later he’d reminisce as a smile formed, feeling a warm inward glow


Streams of people’s lives flowed through the steeple-pointing church nearby

From the waters of baptism to confirmation and weddings, even onto dying


In the back cemetery you can hear the life-giving water flow beneath the sky

God’s love surrounding all who tread life’s waters, tears of joy in the crying!




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