Flying to Tombstone

Jerry Hanning is an Episcopal priest and pilot. With his nine-year-old daughter, Sadie, he migrates from the Midwest to Tucson following the sudden death of his young wife. Coping with an interior struggle over his call and his faith, Jerry searches for new relationships and a sense of purpose. The rebuilding of his life begins as he ministers on weekends in a small church near the Arizona/Mexico border.

It is there, especially in the picturesque former mining towns of Tombstone and Bisbee, that Jerry becomes involved in the lives and hopes of a small group of oft times quirky people. He also finds himself in the middle of the struggle between ranchers, the Border Patrol and humanitarians over illegal immigration. Grief, transformation, ethical life and mystical spirituality are all confronted by Jerry and his parishioners during a single season of Lent.


“…leads [the reader] into the complexities of ordinary people dealing with the big issues of life: love, sex, religion, politics, grief, death, and the call of justice in the life of faith. An exciting addition to religious fiction.” – Marcus Borg

Topics: Spiritual Exploration & Practice. Ages: Adult. Resource Types: Books.

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