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For Each, Their Own

Our created and conscious selves were, some way, divinely brought about

The figurative “hand of God” as eternally present, there’s very little doubt!


A Presence not only shown throughout a kingdom that’s known as nature

A”coming” like the divine revealer, Jesus, was in no way mere conjecture


The Jesus message was heard by humans, talked about, and then recorded

Shouldn’t other renowned figures have their spirit-words rightfully accorded?


World religions, different Bible interpretations, numerous denominations

The “voice” of God seen in various viewpoints to reveal divine realizations


Is the multitude of religions and belief systems something to be seen as bad?

Or as alternate ways of seeing the same Ultimate Reality with hearts so glad?


To our Creator, we look for guidance in personalizing that Divine Mystery

For each, their own way of “seeing” the eternal Presence as human destiny


Topics: Belief, Fiction and Poetry, and Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 5: Non-Dogmatic Searchers. Seasons & Special Events: All Seasons. Ages: Adult. Resource Types: Poetry and Readings.

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