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For My Highest Good

I realize that there have been many, many days of frustration, starts and stops in my life.  One day my heart just stopped beating and subsequently I ended up with a Heart Transplant.  I wonder if this momentous event was for my Highest Good?
My intention is to sing and speak clearly and write about my experiences in my world.  I want this intention to be true if it is for my Highest Good or something better for a today I have no prior knowledge. I can pray for my intentions but Spirit or God may have other ideas for me.  In the Lord’s Prayer translation from the original Aramaic, the language that Jesus The Christ, spoke, the last line says, “Out of You the Astonishing Fire, Returning Light and Sound to the Cosmos.”  It is my deepest desire to return light and sound to our cosmos for the benefit of all humanity. I know that in my heart of hearts, this intention of singing and speaking clearly my desire to uplift humanity at this particular time on the earth plane is what I came here for and I hope it is for my Highest Good for all concerned.  I remain a totally humble individual and as I pray daily for this good to manifest, I can already feel and see the seeds planted for its natural growth in my awareness of who I am now in my current psyche and persona.
Through a deep appreciation of life, more now than ever with my second chance at living, I know it is about everyone but me as Mr. John Davis speaks of during his messages at the Coptic Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This Coptic Fellowship encourages me to questioning and seeking answers for a new way of living and certainly forgiving in a hardened world.  Today, we need the Light to dissipate the Darkness, the fear that has overshadowed our true nature.  We are Universalists and we are more alike than different if we just look hard enough into our true selves. i want to live in a world of Love and Forgiveness and the first person I must forgive is myself; this action is undoubtedly for my Highest Good but also for all the people I meet on my life’s journey.
Of course, I can be and have been selfish, self-centered and pleasure seeking at times in my life, growing up but as i learn to live in a Higher Consciousness, I become much more centered and balanced in my life and temper my emotional self with rediscovered reasoning
I recently met and heard Mr. Tony Burroughs at a workshop last month at my beloved Coptic Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  In Mr. Burroughs groundbreaking book, “The Highest Good Handbook,” he outlines his own personal experience in manifesting with the qualification of always saying for his “Highest Good.” I was struck by his us of the Founding Fathers mantra of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and his adding Love into the mix as the missing piece of this special alchemy.  I know that Mr. Burroughs walks the walk and talks the talk.  He has faith in a higher power much like our great President Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Lincoln put his trust and faith in God and with Spirit who could not fail and without he surely would.  Our great country survived but not without great loss of life.  In his first inaugural  address he said that “We (North and South) should be friends not enemies.”

Today, I am striving for the same frame of mind that all of us, humanity, should be friends and not enemies.  If we put our sincere trust in our Highest Good then we can share our visions for a better world for all and all will be blessed. To have this type of reflection and to pull it off is a reckoning whose time has come.  There are so many myriad opportunities to accomplish our intentions if we always keep in mind that these ideas rest for our “Highest Good.”; new ways that today, we can hardly envision.

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