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Free Gratitude Design for Churches and other Non-Profits

Allison Rossiter is making her Gratitude Design available to churches and other non-profit organizations for free.

The Gratitude Design is shown above on a T-shirt. The petals/rays are made up of the word “gratitude” in 60 different languages, and the quotation in the middle focuses on an idea sparked by the French, Italian, and Haitian Creole words for gratitude (reconnaissance, riconoscenza, & rekonesans). These words capture an essential element of gratitude so easily forgotten: we are surrounded in every moment by blessings and all we need to be filled with appreciative joy is simply to recognize them. Allison’s hope is that the design will serve as a wearable affirmation, a regular reminder to shift our focus to this recognition.

Allison will be supplying only the design (in pdf or png format) and churches can choose to have them printed by a local printer or else to use a print-on-demand fundraising website like Charitee. T-shirts were the original idea, they would also fit with a gratitude practice as pajamas. Mugs or mouse pads would also work great, and the non-fundraising-focused sites like Cafe Press, Society 6, & Red Bubble offer these. Alternatively, they can just be printed out on paper to make gratitude journal covers out of, for example. Minor adjustments can be requested to suit preferences (such as changing colors and/or the quote in the middle and/or adding a church’s name).

For more information or to request a copy of the Gratitude Template send your request to

If an organization uses the design for fundraising and wants to make a small donation (between $1 and 1% of what they raise), that would be welcome but is not expected.

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