From Roots to Branches, Spiritual Affirmations and Stories


This collection of stories is for the hearts of children and adults. Today, children are rich with intellectual and technological stimulation. But parents, teachers and true friends of children understand that the future of each child, and our world, is determined more by what is held in the heart than the mind. It is in the heart that we feel our highest aspirations and our oneness with others. It is the heart that feels isolation or inclusion and leads the mind to find solutions and create connections.

Stories that touch the heart open opportunities for children to explore the truth of their own inner nature.

* A story of John Muir’s joyful appreciation of the natural world, even while caught for days in a snow storm, gives children a real example of how to meet life with an open heart.

* An African tale of a coat, pride, and the deep value of friendship, will interest all children who have declared loyalty to their “best friend forever”.

* “Busy Friends” takes children along with Megan as she experiences the fun of selflessly serving others and discovers how to be part of a community.

* Forgiveness, gratitude, and sharing are heart qualities illustrated in stories of spiritual figures Saint Jerome, Saint Patrick, and Jesus.

* Spiritual Affirmations are connected with each story for a simple, heart felt, relevant, and easily learned spiritual practice that gives life and meaning to each lesson.

Every parent and educator will welcome the blend of multicultural tales, biographies, universal spirituality, and original fun adventures of children who could live on your street. Expansive, respectful, real, and warm with kindness, these stories offer possibilities for life to children and adults who feel in their heart that they belong to a larger reality.

Children’s spirituality thrives on playfulness. It demands respect. And it overflows into the lives of others bringing gifts and abundant inner riches. Not surprisingly, then, we were delighted when we had a chance to immerse ourselves in (these stories). Whether you are a parent, a Sunday School teacher, a preacher, a spiritual seeker, or just someone who likes to look at ideas from a child’s point of view, this one’s for you.” ~ Mary Ann and Frederic Brussat, Spirituality and Practice

Original Stories by Lorna Knox.

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Click here to View a Sample of Roots to Branches- 13_18 The Tiger’s Whisker: Learning Patience


02 The Three Servants and the Coins ~ Discovering Divine Energy

04 A Walk in the City ~ God in Nature

06 The Never Forgotten Son ~ Remembering God’s Presence

08 Sam Digs a Well ~ Concentrating Our Energy

10 The Red and Blue Coat ~ Learning from Mistakes

12 Loaves and Fishes ~ Sharing

14 Tim and John ~ Self Control

16 The Storm ~ Stillness

18 The Tiger’s Whisker ~ Learning Patience

20 Busy Friends ~ Experiencing the Oneness of All Through Service

22 The King Who Wanted to Touch the Moon ~ Practicing Humility

24 Little Lizard’s Sorrow ~ Non-Greed

26 Harriet Tubman’s Willpower ~ Willpower

28 Courageous Corrie ~ Courage

30 John Muir in the Mountains ~ Filling Our Minds with Goodness

32 The Persistent Friend ~ Opening Our Hearts in Prayer

34 The Golden Rabbit and Wise Lion ~ Accessing Sacred Guidance

36 God’s Little Workshop ~ Infinite Possibilities in each Moment

38 One Life Touches Another ~ Expanding Awareness

40 St Jerome and the Lion ~ Forgiving and Healing

42 Thomas Edison Never Quit ~ Perseverance

44 The Gardener ~ Truthfulness

46 Marian Anderson Sings ~ Inclusion

48 Deo Gratias ~ Expressing Gratitude

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