From the Silence God Created

From the Boundless Life Collection

1. From the silence God created

Matter, movement, depth and height,

All the opposites evolving,

Spreading darkness, gifting light.


2. From our silence comes the birthing

Gifting hibernated dreams

Till our sleep becomes a waking

Filled with life’s creative streams.


3. In the rapture of this newness

Artists ride the breaking wave

Lining out with pen and paper

All that mem’ry cannot save.


4. After drafting comes the template

Turning parts into a whole,

Crafting, changing, rearranging

To attain the final goal.


5. God creating, God evolving

Every process, every part,

We give thanks for each outpouring

Found within all forms of art.



Text and Music © William Livingstone Wallace.

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Alternate Tune:  MERTON





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Review & Commentary

  • Amen. Reading through the lyrics I felt uplifted, and inspired so much so as to thank you for posting! The poem-lyrics spoke to me as an artist (songwriter-singer-pianist-musician) . Given the brilliance of the words, along with the beautiful, Spirit-inspired, multidimensional artwork shown at the top of the page, I was expecting the music to sound “ethereal” and to hear a fully produced sample when I clicked. The song is an inspiring hymn for worship. The poem stands alone whether there’s music or not. Beautiful!