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Realm of You, CD

Music is a language that connects listeners to their past, the present, and perhaps, with the right amount of percussion, the timely pluck of a violin, and haunting crescendo of an ethereal voice, music can weave intricate gold harmonies into our futures…at least good music does. Fusion Fable’s music can. It’s been tested, over wine, with tears, on trail runs, played for friends who have lost a moment to a taxing day and it’s been proven, Fusion Fable works. It’s music that saves us from our normal slumber. It’s music that fills our fantastic images.

Love flows through music. Some music, anyway, the kind of music that has pure energy. Solid yellow energy, warm and nurtured by its makers. Fusion Fable’s creators, Jonathan and Marisa, have been motivated by music’s power to connect people, including their own bond. Whole and half notes on yellowed barred paper run deep. Both Jonathan and Marisa come from a family of musicians; Jonathan is the grandson of a Swedish classical concert pianist, Marisa’s family includes a world renowned metropolitan opera singer. Marisa began the piano at age four and performed for an audience of 1,200 that same year. She later went on to study music at a university and score music for documentaries and short films. Jonathan began the piano at age 5. Not long after, with his remarkably gifted ear, he taught himself the guitar.

Simply put, if one can simplify the magic that goes into song-making and world creating, Fusion Fable is an expression of their relationship made possible by their passionate creativity and musical talent. Love does flow through this music.

With a sound all their own, Fusion Fable has begun their Global Connection. Slip into the worlds they create, grab on to the thread they weave. Allow their songs to pluck you out of the Now and take you on a journey soaring over mountaintops, through dark forests of loss, through waterfall moments of clear self-discovery. Memories, thoughts, and feelings that have been dormant within your soul, being, and mind will erupt to the forefront of your Being. Fusion Fable will take you away—Let them.

Fusion Fable started with the connection of the two music makers but it extends beyond the studio. They desire only to continue sharing their creations for as long as time allows and thankfully, for us, the ever ready Listeners, the Patient Critics, who secretly hang on every note finding it flawless…the Adventure has just begun.

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