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Gathering Pecans

Gathering Pecans is a family saga that spans three generations of Bagbys, an ultra wealthy family from the south, who, each in their own way, leave a mark on the world. It begins at the end of WWII and ends two days before 9/11. It’s a tale of where we have been and where we hope to never return, as well as a story that reminds us that we belong to each other whether we realize it or not.

The ethereal Elizabeth is the bravest of all the Bagbys. She’s an independent soul from the day she’s born, and becomes a stunning woman who sees God’s creation in a much broader sense. Of her many uncanny abilities, one in particular takes her all over the world. She can speak any language spoken to her as if it were her native tongue. One of her favorite destinations, in spite of being trampled on by the Red Army, is Afghanistan, where she becomes friends with a like soul and mystic, the dynamic Ahmad Shah Massoud. In addition to being the archenemy of Osama bin Laden, Massoud is credited by many for ending the Cold War and for the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Elizabeth’s love affair with God enables her to open her heart and mind to all faiths and cultures. She is constantly reminded that Jesus is a universal figure who belongs to the world, not just a select few. Gathering Pecans is an endearing story that will leave you pondering long after you’ve turned the last page.


Wimberley Watts’ first novel traces the story of WWII veteran Henry Bagby and of his daughter, Elizabeth. Ranging from the battles of 1945 to the war torn hills of Afghanistan just before 9/11, this novel of love, destiny, and connection explore how the love of God can form a bridge between Christian and Muslim, and between political rivals.~ Kay Campbell, religion reporter for The Huntsville Times

Fabulous book! The story draws you in right away and you form an instant bond with the characters. The picture the author paints of a southern family is accurate as well as moving and fun loving. The message and themes are timely and incredibly important for this day and age. Reading this book makes you believe that peace on earth is possible and leads the reader down a spiritual path toward a deeper understanding of what love really is and how peace could be possible. ~ Amazon Reviewer

Gathering Pecans is a beautifully written story that will pull at your heart and open your mind. It is an amazing tale of life and love that I could not put down but didn’t want to end. I absolutely fell in love with each character as the story unfolded. This book will change how you think about the world and all that is in it. You will not regret taking the journey. ~ Amazon Reviewer

Interesting and powerful read. There are many paths to God. Love God. Love others. Live in grace and peace. ~ Brent Bridges

About the Author

Wimberley Watts lives in Huntsville, Alabama, not too far from the hospital where she was born. She obtained a business degree from Birmingham Southern College, and is married to her high school sweetheart. They have three grown children and two dogs.

Wimberley is a cradle Episcopalian who has a great love for all things interfaith. The various paths to God intrigue her. But, more often than not, when she tries to hand off a book by one of her favorite theologians, she’s told they’d rather read about beautiful people, with exciting lives, and tons of money.

The lack of interest is one of the things that inspired her to write Gathering Pecans. Elizabeth Bagby, the protagonist, is stunning, has a ridiculous amount of money, and her sensational life is motivated by the fact that she’s also intrigued by the various paths to God.

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