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Giving Thanks for Families

  • We give thanks for families of all shapes and sizes, which provide such an important basis for love and support in our society.
  • We give thanks for the joy and wonder of children, that Jesus said we should strive to be like, and we have so much to learn from.
  • We give thanks for parents who give so much of themselves to ensure that children feel loved and valued.
  • We give thanks, too, for grandparents and other family members, who so often help share some of the responsibilities of parenting and in return are able to share in its joys.
  • We pray for families that are struggling to cope with the pressures they face, may they find courage and the support they need.
  • We pray for those who feel damaged or excluded from family life, may they feel the hand of friendship and love to feel included and supported as a family member.
  • We pray for those who work with and support children and parents: may they in turn find support and encouragement.
  • Give us the strength to forgive family members who we feel have let us down, have not lived up to our expectations, or have hurt us.  Help us to love and pray for them unconditionally.
  • We acknowledge the shortcomings in our own family life and commit ourselves to renew our commitment to self-giving love that enables both children and adults to feel cherished and supported.
  • We pray for support and guidance in helping us to be better family members.



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