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Global Ministries University

The Online University with a Contemporary Theology…


Degrees and Certificates
With a Concentration in Progressive Christianity
As Well as in the Following Areas of Concentration:

Evolutionary Spirituality
Spiritual Companionship
World Religions
Pastoral Care and Counseling
Pastoral Ministry
Feminist Pastoral Ministry
And More!

Many courses are based on the books and DVD’s of progressive theologians and biblical scholars, including but not limited to:

John Shelby Spong
Robert Funk
Michael Morwood
Marcus Borg
John Dominic Crossan
Matthew Fox


Coursework is Completely Online
Work at Your Own Pace – No Deadlines
Thought-Provoking Courses
One-on-One Connection with InstructorCustom-Designed Programs
Prior Learning/Life Experience Awarded
Affordable Tuition
Personalized Service

Global Ministries University is an online international contemporary theological learning platform which is inclusive, supportive of creative thinking and honors the sacred in all religions and spiritual traditions.

Global Ministries University (GMU) offers contemporary interfaith and nondenominational ministerial and theology degree and certificate programs that are ideal for ministry training and ordination. GMU students have the opportunity to custom-design the Master of Theology DegreeDoctor of Ministry Degree, and Doctor of Theology Degree to meet their academic and ministerial training needs.

Global Ministries Universities offers programs designed to meet the ministerial needs of people from all walks of life.

Read what some of our graduates have to say about GMU:

“My experience with GMU was one of the most rewarding and enriching of my life.”
Diana Milesko, D.Min, Anna Maria, FL – Doctor of Ministry Degree

“I was able to get the maximum benefit out of the vast material to which I was exposed.”Andrea Johnson, M.Div., Annapolis, MD – Master of Divinity Degree

“I appreciate this new model of university that you are modeling, where the focus is on the student and on his or her journey and not primarily on the university as an institution…”Tony MacCarthaigh, D.Min., Dublin, Ireland – Doctor of Ministry Degree


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Global Ministries Univeristy
Murrieta, CA 92563

Review & Commentary