Gloria Dei, PA Statement of Faith

(used in place of the ancient creeds during our contemporary service)

We believe that the way we treat one another is the fullest expression of how we live out our faith.

We find our approach to God to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ who is our model for living and we recognize the faithfulness of other paths which may also lead people to an experience of God.

We stand in God’s grace and we live that grace in our attitudes and actions toward one another.

We understand the church as a community of people, who together make up the body of Christ as we strive to serve the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of others.

We are inclusive, as Christ was, and welcome all people seeking a closer relationship with God.

We believe that the questions are as important as the answers, that living the mystery is a more sacred position than church dogma and doctrine, and we strive to “love all, serve all, in Jesus’ name” as we proclaim our mystery of faith that:

Christ died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again!

Submitted by R. Scott Thornton,

Review & Commentary