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God Comes Like A Candle

This phrase speaks loudly regarding the Christ Consciousness that we can all endeavor to complete. We, as humans, tend to be stuck, most of our waking hours in a lower consciousness; only what our five senses can touch, smell, see, hear and taste. But, light workers today seek mostly an invisible sixth sense, an intuition that is more powerful and all-consuming that anything we can sense with our normal visible handicaps. This new dimension of being sometimes needs a little help, like the help we, humanity, received when Jesus The Christ came to our earth plane over 2,000 years ago to show us a way that is mightier than any sword or cannon could ever explode or slice us to pieces.

This was and is a promise for all humankind and if God can come like a candle he can or she can illuminate our sacred way that outshines any star in the firmament. We must have faith. Master Hamid Bey told us “If we have Faith then we must have Hope and if we Hope then we must have Faith.”

When God can come like a candle, to me, it means more brightness than I could ever envision. I know, instinctively, that we can rejoice in this great Light that snuffs out any darkness in our lives because simply, Darkness cannot exist when there is Light present. This is an incontrovertible fact!

During this precious Holiday Season for all religions and all people everything seems so much better when a candle is burning. It represents to me that God is Coming to help ascend into our higher nature, a nature that we all possess virtue of God creating us in his or her image.

Let us all, every single one of us, light a candle so that we can be Godlike to all our friends and family and neighbors too!

If we remember the “Golden Rule.” Treat others the way we want to be treated then we can brighten our days and the days of others eternally. I know I am so grateful for this miracle that our Creator has so graciously given to us, called free will. If we but light a candle for all humanity, then we can become more Godlike in our everyday demeanor in our daily existence upon this earth. Or, as Tiny Tim once said…” God Bless us, every one of us.” Happy Holidays!

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