God in Big History 2:5 (beta) “Sacred Science”

Published on Jul 4, 2014

Big History reveals the evolutionary (psychological and social) significance of religion and the religious (inspirational and revelatory) significance of science. Part 2 of 5 also explores how our sources of knowledge and wisdom have expanded through time. Click “show more” for time codes:

01:30 Direction and main points of this video (2 of 5)
03:22 Loyal Rue’s books and quote re living in RRR
05:25 5 blind men and elephant / increasing complexity
07:18 The evolutionary significance and science and religion
11:00 Saturn, Andromeda, Hubble Extreme Deep Field photos
12:38 Joel Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams quote and books
14:00 Religion 1.0, Religion 2.0, Religion 3.0
15:33 Thomas Berry quote, “It’s all a question of story…”
16:25 International Big History Association (IBHA), Cosmic Rosary
18:20 Cosmic Century Timeline
26:50 Thomas Berry quote: “Our difficulty… spiritually autistic…”
27:20 The myth of the so-called “supernatural”
29:44 Next 250 Years: Challenges, Wild Cards, Trends, Hope
34:52 The respective roles of religion and science
35:09 Recommended resources (books)
38:50 Questions for Reflection or Discussion

MENTIONED: Marlin Lavanhar, Loyal Rue, Joel Primack, Nancy Ellen Abrams, Thomas Berry, Benson Saler, Stewart Guthrie, Michael Winkelman, John R. Baker, David Sloan Wilson, Jonathan Haidt, Ara Norenzayan, Edward O. Wilson, Richard Dawkins, William Grassie, Connie Barlow, Karl Peters, Stuart Kauffman, Ursula Goodenough, Chet Raymo

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