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God in Big History 3:5 (beta) “Reality Rules!”

Published on Jul 4, 2014

Big History is humanity’s first and only creation story derived from global collective learning. While secular, it nevertheless reveals a way of thinking and speaking about God(s) that is *undeniably* and *inescapably* real. Part 3 of 5 focuses on what and where God is in Big History and why it matters. Click “show more” for time codes:

01:30 Review of central concepts and several key quotes
02:50 4 vital distinctions of “The Evidential Reformation”
05:00 Song, “What’s God got to do with it?”
05:51 Practical truth vs. Factual truth — D. S. Wilson
07:02 Terry Tempest Williams, “The eyes of the future are looking”
07:40 Day language vs. Night language
09:30 Public revelation vs. Private revelation
11:06 Boulder in middle of field: How did it get there?
14:00 Why personification is essential for understanding religion
14:33 James Hillman, “Loving is a way of knowing…”
15:15 Martin Buber’s, I and Thou / Berry and Bateson quotes
18:53 Wittgenstein / Concepts that didn’t exist for Hebrews
20:30 Fictional vs. Factual Gods / Evolutionary Religious Studies
23:31 Unnatural vs. Undeniable views of Satan-Christ-Gospel
25:02 Supernatural = Unnatural / The Gospel? Good News?
26:51 A factual view of God transcends belief or disbelief
27:07 Philip K. Dick / Reality=Time+Nature+Mystery / Anselm Test
28:45 Every divine characteristic derives from experience of Nature
29:14 “God’s eye” view of is the one from within every set of eyes.
29:40 Aquinas quote / The most deadly advice of all time
31:00 Evo-eco theologians / Recommended resources
32:25 Extinctions, glaciers, supernovas, plate tectonics
33:34 Evidence as today’s scripture / All God-talk is interpretive
35:00 Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams quote
36:52 Significance of meaning-making / Words create worlds
38:51 God, Reality, personification
40:21 Insanity of theist-atheist debate, honoring/dishonoring God
41:30 What is a *personal* relationship to Time-Nature-Mystery?
43:30 Overview and Questions for Reflection or Discussion

MENTIONED: David Sloan Wilson, Terry Tempest Williams, J. Harlen Bretz, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Martin Buber, Thomas Berry, Gregory Bateson, James Hillman, The New Atheists, Philip K. Dick, Stuart Guthrie, Jesus Christ, Thomas Aquinas, Sallie McFague, John F. Haught, Larry Rasmussen, Matthew Fox, Ilia Delio, J. L Shellenberg, Pauline Le Bel, Richard Dawkins, Jerry Coyne, PZ Myers, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, “Advent of Evolutionary Christianity” interviewees: Charles H. Townes, William D. Phillips, Ian Barbour, John Polkinghorne, Joan Chittister, Kenneth R. Miller, Richard Rohr, Ursula King, Gloria Schaab, Diarmuid O’Murchu, Linda Gibler, Mary Southard, Gail Worcelo, John Shelby Spong, Joan Roughgarden, John Cobb, Philip Clayton, Denis Lamoureux, Karl W. Giberson, Owen Gingerich, Edward B. (Ted) Davis, Brian McLaren, Sally Morgenthaler, Doug Pagitt, Spencer Burke, Ross Hostetter, Jim Burklo, Tom Thresher, Gretta Vosper, Paul Smith, Bruce Sanguin, Ian Lawton, Kevin Kelly, Michael Morwood

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