God in Big History 4:5 (beta) “Sin and Death”


Published on Jul 4, 2014

Part 4 of 5 explores how and why Big History radically transforms our understanding (and experience!) of human nature, chaos, and death—including our relationship to ours and our loved one’s foibles, problems, and mortality. Click “show more” for time codes:

00:35 Overview of main questions covered / Two TEDx talks
02:00 David Sloan Wilson quote introducing evo-psychology
03:11 Why we struggle and suffer… mismatched instincts
07:27 Good News re food, famine, and testosterone
10:10 Our instincts deceive us for good reason; snakes don’t talk.
10:35 Profound costs of an inadequate view of human nature
11:52 Un-trivializes/factualizes ancient mythic insights: “The Fall”
15:12 The greatest psychological and spiritual revelation/realization
15:40 5 emotional and practical benefits of an evolutionary view
18:30 Resources for exploring evo-psych and brain science
19:06 Gifts of Chaos and Death in an Evolving Cosmos
23:24 Honoring death helps us cherish life & leave a sweet legacy
24:00 Dowd cancer / religious naturalist view of mortality / death
25:36 David Brooks quote / Supernormal medical technologies
27:03 4 tragic consequences of failing to honor death as necessary
27:47 Resources for exploring ‘the sacred side of chaos and death’
28:04 “Griefwalker” — Canadian documentary: Stephen Jenkinson
29:45 Questions for Reflection or Discussion

MENTIONED: David Sloan Wilson, Deirdre Barrett, David Brooks, Paul the Apostle, Stephen Jenkinson

Review & Commentary