God Is the Love


God is the love that feeds my soul;

God is the love that makes me whole;

God is the love that flows from me;

God is the love that sets me free.


God is the hearing of the call –

Never to judge the ones who fall;

Help free the ones who feel they fail,

Imprisoned in their private jail.


God is the source of gifts and skill;

God is the peace that keeps us still;

God is the ‘calm’ that pacifies;

Helps to dispel what terrifies.


God is the hope that moves us on;

God is the strength we lean upon;

May we encourage those who strive;

Ensure that all new truths survive.


God is the mystery in us all;

God is below and overall;

So when we serve or give or care

It’s God’s involvement everywhere.



Tune: Maryton (O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee)

George Stuart has several self-published volumes of new lyrics to well-known hymn tunes.  Check out his website at sites.google.com/site/george007site or email him at george.stuart@exemail.com.au


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