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God’s Resurrection Way


I look about, and when I do, I see the wond’rous sight

Of the cycles of the cosmos, changing darkness into light;

When I ponder on this miracle, I’m swamped with great delight;

God’s resurrection way!

Smiled upon by resurrection,

We are blest by resurrection;

We observe that resurrection

Is God’s renewing way.


We know from nature’s methods and from everything of worth,

From the seasons and the life-force that replenishes the earth,

That it’s from a death and dying comes the process of re-birth;

God’s resurrection way!

Nature clothed in resurrection;

Death to life is resurrection;

Life is lived through resurrection;

It’s God’s renewing way.


In the stories of the Christ, the empty tomb is still a sign

Pointing to the living presence as it is with bread and wine;

In his life and death and then beyond, he does, for us, define

God’s resurrection way!

Let us practise resurrection;

We can live by resurrection;

When we practise resurrection

Christ lives again today.


Every time our friends and neighbors try to conquer rising pain,

After glimpsing death and grieving or locked up in fear’s domain,

We are bound to them and Jesus, as we struggle, we regain,

God’s resurrection way.

We are offered resurrection;

We can practice resurrection;

We can live by resurrection

Tomorrow and today.


Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic


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