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Golden Light Meditation

With Crystal Singing Bowls

What would your life be like if the practice of Presence as Light became part of your everyday waking consciousness?

Being an Embodiment of Light is a practice. It invites our love and devotion.

It’s not always easy to do this. For most of us (and I definitely include myself in this group!!!) old patterns of behavior that have been ground into place in our highly conditioned minds, have their fist tightly clenched around the keys to our car and are relentlessly driving down the road, regardless of where we want to go.  There are days when it is like having a five year old at the wheel of your finely tuned Jaguar. Can you relate to what I’m saying?

Changing directions can feel insanely hard.

But when you bring Presence into the mix … when you bring Immense Light into all the old dark spaces, life can change.

Here is a meditation that I recently produced to help you (and me) do exactly that.

It is an activation for healing, designed to invite your Soul into your body, so you can practice and feel what it is like to BE an Embodiment of Light. 

This Light Meditation Activation contains sound and high vibrational frequencies with specifically chosen Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls to carry you through a beautiful guided meditation.

This is my gift of Celestial Light and Love to you

Scroll down and you will find it waiting for you.

Rest in the arms of the infinite wisdom and healing of your Soul. Find your peace. Touch and remember the light you are.

Please share this message of healing and soul connection with the ones you love and hold dear. And to those who might need it most.

Always, my love and blessings to you.




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