Good Living in Hard Times

The Art of Contentment

Good Living in Hard Times explains how you can get the best from the life you have now and find a peacefulness that no bank or politician or credit card company can take away from you. The goal is for you to live a contented life no matter your present situation.

From the Middle East Spring to the Occupy Wall Street movements, people are demanding changes to economic, social and political systems that have failed them. To succeed, their demands of Dignity! and People before Profits! will mean a change in their society’s moral and ethical values. While vigorously supporting collective efforts, the author believes that the way to sustain such change when it comes is by the way we live our own life.

Good Living in Hard Times discusses those values which have stood the test of time and need once again to be our benchmarks for living. Self-reliance, personal dignity, and economic reality are the major themes. Fresh air, sound sleep, eating real food, sexuality, laughter, hospitality and other values are discussed which make for a stable contentment that raises you above your present circumstances. The author does not offer quick fix solutions or self-development practices which soon fall out of use because they have no attachment to real life.

Author: Stafford Whiteaker, best-selling author and former monk, is acclaimed for his insight into the benefits of the healthy union of mind, body and spirit. He is highly experienced in knowing what you might need if you are looking for new values, an alternative to materialism, or simply a life that gives you freedom to be who you truly are.

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