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Hatred We’re Gonna Tear your Kingdom Down

(Original Music and Video)

Joy Lau’s “Get Out The Vote” music video in collaboration with John Del Cueto, the gospel choir director at Middle Collegiate Church in NYC, using his original music “Hatred We’re Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down” (adapted from the spiritual “Satan We’re Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down”) with her animation.

In this video she wanted to convey that an inclusive mass movement and our power to vote can dismantle systems of hatred.

This video – with original music by John Del Cueto and animation by Joy Lau – was birthed in the midst of a deadly pandemic, in the midst of a turbulent election year, in the midst of mourning the death of a beloved Supreme Court Justice, in the midst of mass cries for justice for the deaths of black American men and the deaths of black American women for their lives do matter, in the midst of the institutionalized caging of women and children who speak a language different from ours, in the midst of raging fires in the hills of California and the increasing frequency of destructive hurricanes in the American South, in the midst of mass anger at the devastating loss of lives and livelihoods, in the midst of coming to face with a nation’s guilt-ridden genesis and the subsequent systemic hierarchy of inequalities.

This video was conceived with the full belief in the human ability, with all its faults and utter contradictions, to love.

Hatred, We’re Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down
(Adapted from Satan, We’re Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down)

Hatred, we’re gonna tear
Your kingdom down
Oh hatred, we’re gonna tear
Your kingdom down

You’ve been building your kingdom
All over this land
Hatred, we’re gonna tear
Your kingdom down

Director, Illustrator, Creator: Joy Lau @FromJoyLove (IG) (t)
Vocals, Arrangement: John Del Cueto @ArtLifeMusic3 (t)
Video Editor: Andrew Chow Guidone @guidonski (t)

Images © 2020 Joy Lau. Music © 2020 John Del Cueto.
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