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We are also a non-profit working within the constraints of a relatively tight budget;  without your support, we truly could literally be little to nothing. So, here is the ask: if you are in a position to donate any amount, please consider doing so. Even better, consider making your gift a sustaining gift (choose Recurring Donation); it helps provide a much needed, stable, financial foundation from which we can continue to grow into the future.

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For well over two decades, has provided an alternative perspective to what much of Christianity has become. Modern Christianity has become more about judging your neighbor and less about loving your neighbor. More about excluding people and less about including them. More about justifying hateful behavior and less about encouraging us to create a more loving world.

That reality makes an essential resource that points back to and is inspired by the actual teachings of Jesus. Our resources enrich the spiritual journeys of countless people, provide theologically sound liturgical materials for progressive churches, and broaden the spiritual outlook of 100s of thousands of people.

You have probably noticed a change in how we go about fundraising. If you have a moment, we’d like to tell you a bit about how this came about and why it is needed.

For years, the majority of our fundraising came at the end of the year. We would calculate how much we needed to keep afloat and then, for a couple of months, would ask for your help to reach that amount. Looking back it was a bit much (for you and for us). You were overwhelmed during the holidays with yet another good cause asking for donations, and we felt the pressure of hitting our goal to provide the organization a reasonable operating budget for the next year.

Particularly over the last few years, we’ve found that raising funds that way just doesn’t allow to move forward in a sustainable way. For example, last year we basically reached our goal, but one of the big reasons we are surviving financially is because Mark and Caleb are serving as Co-Executive Directors for free.

So, we looked at various ways to create a reasonable amount of cash flow for continued operations and landed on the idea of a bi-weekly “ask.” The ebb and flow of life frequently means that, as individuals, there are times when we are a bit cash poor and times when we aren’t. Rather than having a BIG ask at the end of each year, our small asks during the month gives folks a chance to contribute when their personal funds are more flexible. We think that’s a win for everyone.

We also want to highlight the opportunity to become a sustaining supporter. If you are looking for the best way to help us continue to provide progressive Christian resources, become a sustaining supporter by choosing Recurring Donation.

You’ve also probably noticed that we are not only passionate about being a rationale voice in the midst of increasingly irrational Christian perspectives, but we are also passionate about providing resources to you as you continue your hard work doing the same. So, we need to thank you for supporting us in a way that makes it possible for us to support you in areas that we are all passionate about.

Please, if you are able, make a donation today and; if you can, become a sustaining supporter. We truly do appreciate it.

Rev. Mark Sandlin, Co-Executive Director
Rev. Dr. Caleb Lines, Co-Executive Director

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