A Heretics Guide To Eternity

Distinguishing between religion and spirituality, Burke offers what he calls a new way of looking at God, one centered on the idea of grace. He emphasizes a God who is looking to save the world, not a God who seems more intent on condemning certain practices . . . . For Burke, God is to be questioned, not simply obeyed. His challenging thesis will appeal to many people today who have given up on organized religion but still seek some connection to spirituality.

“It’s easy for inquisition-launchers to go on fault-finding missions; they have lots of practice and they’re really good at it. What’s more challenging, and regarding this book, much more worthwhile, is to instead go on a truth-finding mission. And yes, even in a book with ‘heretic’ in the title, I believe any honest reader can find much truth worth seeking.” -From the Foreword by Brian D. McLaren

“Some Christians have the ability to make you want to be a Christian just by being who they are. They make the gospel alive, real, healing, and utterly attractive. I think Spencer Burke is just one of those people. In his writings he shares himself and his vision” -Fr. Richard Rohr, Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“If Spencer Burke is a heretic, it’s not because he’s teaching dangerous doctrine, but because he asks the questions about faith that today’s sensibilities naturally raise. Spencer is a winsome walking companion for those who find traditional dogma too narrow. It’s a thoughtful conversation.” -Marshall Shelley, editor, Leadership Journal; vice president, Christianity Today

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