Hersay – Songs for Healing and Empowerment


Hersay brings healing and empowerment through songs with lyrics inclusive of the Divine Feminine, drawing from the musical styles of Taizé and other chant traditions. Female names and images of the Divine heal the wounds of patriarchal oppression and violence, and empower us to create a just and peaceful world. Singing calms the mind and body, bridges cultural divides, and moves us to transform our world. Through singing multicultural songs inclusive of the Divine Feminine, we bring healing to ourselves and our communities while giving birth to justice, peace, equity, and new life in our world.

This collection includes all new songs for use in multifaith, multicultural, and multigenerational communities, and for individual meditation. The songs in Hersay are simple and short, sung repeatedly and sometimes in canon. The rhymes and rhythms make them fun and easy for children and adults to learn quickly. Many of the songs have more than one verse. Groups can choose one of the verses and sing it over and over as a chant, sing all the verses, or sing any combination of verses in the style they choose. Hersay comes to you with an invitation to join in the creation of songs with Divine Feminine lyrics. We pray that this collection will inspire individuals and communities to claim our power in the Divine image and to bring healing and liberation to all.



Katie Ketchum is an award-winning singer/songwriter/pianist, known for her one-woman musicals about historical women. She is also the choir director and lead musician at Ebenezer/herchurch Lutheran in San Francisco (herchurch.org). Jann Aldredge-Clanton is an ordained minister, serving as co-chair of Equity for Women in the Church and co-pastor of New Wineskins Feminist Ritual Community. She is an award-winning lyricist and author of books on inclusive worship.

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