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‘Hey Jesus, Do You Love Me the Same?’: Out Christian Rock Star Trey Pearson on Closeted Industry Figures, His Evolving Faith, and Brand New Video

By Chrissy Stroop

I think all of these [Christian rock stars] who find the courage to share their truth make a huge impact, and if everyone in contemporary Christian music and the church was honest about their own truth, their own questions, and their own beliefs, I think we would progress a lot quicker.

Still from “Hey Jesus,” Trey Pearson’s newly released video.
 Trey Pearson/YouTube

Trey Pearson was once a rising star in the Christian music industry, with his band, Everyday Sunday, selling hundreds of thousands of records and scoring multiple top-ten hits. In 2016, Trey set off a firestorm in evangelical subculture and sparked national discussion by coming out as gay. Since then, Trey has set out to define himself as both a solo artist and an advocate not only for legal LGBTQ equality, but also for LGBTQ acceptance and affirmation among Christians.

His solo work regularly addresses these themes, and Trey’s 2017 solo album, Love is Love, was featured in Billboard Magazine and contains the powerful track “Hey Jesus,” a new music video for which was released today. [Scroll down to watch.] I thought I would take this occasion to ask Trey about his past in contemporary Christian music, what he’s focusing on now, and whether he’s optimistic about the future of LGBTQ inclusion.

Thanks for doing this interview, Trey. For those who are first discovering your work, could you tell us a little bit about your background and history? How did you get started in the contemporary Christian music industry [CCM]? And what has your relationship to the CCM and your band, Everyday Sunday, been since you came out as gay in 2016?
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