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Holding Beauty in My Soul’s Arms: Awakening To At-One-Ment: Volume I

Holding Beauty in My Soul’s Arms is a book for many on the journey toward deeper spiritual formation. It offers a resting place where we may pause and savor the riches of scripture, tradition, and reason as well as postmodern psychology, ethics, cultural studies and systems theory….

This book is in the doing of theology – reflecting upon our experience and that of wider communities – that we find nurture, insight and guidance toward Christian transformation ~from the Forward by Fredrica Harris Thompsett, Ken Wilber speaks of the great role of religion in helping individuals develop a more inclusive understanding of Spirit.

Kevin’s book is a brilliant guide to this end. Drawing on the wisdom of the Enneagram and integrating topics such as theology, spirituality, and psychology, those who seek to grow spiritually will find his work to be a powerful guide. ~ Terry Saracino, MA, MBA, President Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition

Kevin Thew Forrester mines the subterranean river of Christianity in search of the words with which to understand the modern spiritual journey. He challenges traditional claims, deepens the quest of scripture and points us to new theological and liturgical integrity. Christianity will be richer if these books (Vol. I & II) are widely read. ~ John Shelby Spong, Author Re-Claiming the Bible in a Non-Religious World

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