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Holy Breath – Prayers for Worship and Reflection


This beautiful liturgy book includes prayers and reflections for general nurture as well as prayers directed to special liturgical events like Baptism, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Gretta Vosper is the director of the Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity, TCPC’s sister organization.  She is also the pastor of the West Hill United Church in Toronto, Canada.  She is the author of With or Without God.  She continually challenges herself to think outside the box and to create new ways of expressing her deep faith and understanding of progressive Christianity.

She wowed us at the Common Dreams Conference in Melbourne, Australia, as the key note speaker and from that point forward we have been seeking to share her incredible talent, passion, and inspiration with you.

If we see “god” as something we create or destroy in the world, if we see it as the moments we make beautiful in the midst of fear or brokenness, or if the way we live weaves our own form of holiness into the world, god or no, then prayer becomes a very different thing.

Prayer, for us, have become a petition to our own hearts to be moved, touched, challenged and changed so that we can more authentically live out love’s calling, both personally and as a community.  Prayer is both our acceptance and our celebration of our responsibility to live committed to this sacred task.“  Gretta Vosper

Sample prayer:
“In the living of this day, may I find the courage to let go of my fears, accept the challenges before me and open myself to the still, small voice I know to be grounded in holiness.  May my soul be filled with the awe of who I am called to be.  As one who seeks after the light, yet stands within its glowing, I pray, Amen.”

Topics: Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 5: Non-Dogmatic Searchers. Ages: Adult. Resource Types: Books, Poetry, Practice, and Prayers.

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