Honor the Mothers in Your Life


In our sacred texts we are reminded of the abundance of mothering qualities of the Divine. From eagle wings which lift us up, to nursing mothers who will not abandon us, biblically, we are assured of a deep and abiding love.

This weekend we pause to give thanks for the deep love of mothers, even as we recognize that not all mothers were as motherly as they could have been. Yet, we give thanks for those who loved so deeply that they slew proverbial dragons on our behalf – not infrequently, over and over again.

Would you consider honoring the mothers and mother figures in your life by contributing to another group that is also a bit of a dragon slayer? I, of course, am talking of ProgressiveChristianity.org. We are a small but determined organization that is dedicated to spreading the Good News of love in the face of monstrous conservative Christian organizations that spread things like hate and fear.

We do it over and over again – week in and week out. We can only face these proverbial dragons with your help. Please consider being a sustaining donor or, if that isn’t financially reasonable for you, make a one-time donation and honor the mothers in your life. Thank you.


Rev. Dr. Mark Sandlin
President & Co-Executive Director


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