Monthly eBulletin – How Important Are Our Beliefs

How important are beliefs in sacred community?

How important are beliefs in an evolving faith?

This month we asked our authors to consider these questions and we now invite you to join in on the discussion.

As we gather to support each other in sacred community, or as we search for sacred community, shared beliefs and common ideas have great value. But is it essential that we all agree on what we believe to be true?

And as individuals, journeying through our lives with our ideas and beliefs, don’t these shift as we shift? Do not our beliefs adjust to our new knowledge and awarenesses?

Once, very intelligent humans believed the earth to be flat, the sun to revolve around our land… It is quite interesting to consider, then, what things we hold to be true today will look like in the future. And yet, isn’t it essential that we are able to discuss with open minds and hearts our beliefs and ideas with others?

We hope you enjoy this lively discussion and that you take the time to post a comment with your thoughts.



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