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How Progressive Christianity Helped Lead Me to be an Unlikely YouTuber

I first became aware of how to post on the popular platform almost by accident.  I had approached Progressive Christianity, a website which has published my poetry and other writings (Robert O’Sullivan), about sharing a video of a Zoom dialogue with Dag Hammarskjold’s biographer, Roger Lipsey.  PC was interested, but lacked the computer capacity to post it directly.  They suggested putting it on YouTube from which it could be easily linked.

At that time, my use of the platform was largely related to occasionally watching music, sports and travel videos and seeing what documentaries, readings, lectures, etc. were available on personal literary passions, most notably William Blake and James Joyce.

I then connected with some local techies who opened many possibilities, especially involving adding visuals and text to accompanying audio with shots of participants, art and gardens.

Learning how to use their help enabled me to make a project, after the death, in 2020, of my musician wife, Alice Wildermuth O’Sullivan, of posting many examples of the music of a classical, jazz, church, and choral artist/leader.  The channel now has over 50 audio/videos and thousands of viewers.

My own YouTube channel, Robert H. O’Sullivan (originally created for the Hammarskjold video), was largely an afterthought which got little attention.  It has posts on a variety of subjects, including civil rights and a William Blake illustrated radio/podcast interview with closed captioning.

None of the postings have caught much attention but one from six  months ago has shown unlikely movement.  It is a video of a sermon delivered in Brookings in 2018 observing the 50th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King.  It has gotten over 2.5K “views.”

It is amazing how easy it is to communicate on the web and for posterity—how delightful it is to share beautiful music, art, garden pictures and challenging words for anyone to “view” and hear.  The only costs involved are for techies who help with the posting.
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