How the Clergy Lied -Book II

A Journalist's Academic Report on LBGTQ and Christianity


How The Clergy Lied: A Journalist’s Academic Report on LGBTQ and Biblical Interpretation (Book II in a two-book series – click here to see Book I) is a forthright exploration and exposé of centuries of Christian church doctrine and tradition regarding LGBTQ matters dating back to the Crusades.

A TOTALLY NEW APPROACH! This book, written by a journalist with theological training, takes a step back from the usual scriptural defensiveness. The author adds powerful historical, feminist, and Liberation Theology perspectives.

This book is written as a companion to Volume I, Why The Clergy Lied: A Journalist’s Academic Report on LGBTQ and Christianity.

In this Book II of the series, Day explores the impacts of critical historical Biblical interpretation and suggests LGBTQ people have been asking the wrong questions about the Bible.

Heavily substantiated, How The Clergy Lied brings together critical commentary on the hypocrisy of religious oppression of LGBTQ persons up to current times.

It provides both solid arguments for LGBTQ inclusion in Christian denominations, as well as a ticket out for those who have no interest in being included. It can be helpful for both the deconstruction and the reconstitution of doctrine for LGBTQ readers, as well as others seeking understanding of their faith.

This is a guide for the faithful and the faithless, a clear and accessible accounting of Biblical interpretations, tradition, and history.


About the Author

D. L. Day is a former pastor and a retired investigative journalist. His combination of experience and formal training in ministry, theology, gender studies and journalism make him uniquely qualified to write on the topic of LGBTQ and religion.

An Accomplished reporter and writer, Day has won numerous awards for investigative journalism and conducted academic studies and writing on the impacts of fear messaging in politics.

He is a longtime member of the Society of Professional Journalists. Day is also author of Diamonds and Devils: A Preacher’s Kid’s Gay Tale.

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