Hungers of the Heart

Hungers of the Heart is written especially for persons who tend to be “turned off” by organized religion, but want to develop a deeper personal spiritual life. It invites the reader to think through such questions as: How do I find personal meaning for my life? What makes for satisfying relationships with others? How can we create a more just and peaceable society? What sense can I make of religion in an age dominated by science? What does it mean to have a relationship with God or the Sacred?

Hungers of the Heart is conversational and reader-friendly. The author avoids dogma and religious jargon, instead inviting the reader to a journey of personal reflection. The “spiritual map” offered in this book is rooted in reason and at home with science, while at the same time being grounded in the authentic core of the world’s great religious traditions. For many, it will provide a sturdy bridge between ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge.

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