Beyond Reason

Tune: Ein’ Feste Burg  (H&P 661)


1. We walk where reason may not tread

By faith’s audacious guiding,

Beyond the light by knowledge shed

We quest in grace confiding.

The seed grows to a tree,

Peaks plunge into the sea.

From doubt’s assisting phase

For faith renewed give praise

In thankful celebration.


2. Hope springs undying out of life

In promise, expectation,

Affirming trust in midst of strife

With fond anticipation.

For resurrection hope

Of life’s eternal scope

And succour all our days,

For patient hope give praise

In thankful celebration.


3. And love the greatest of the three,

Transcending law and limit,

Once crucified upon a tree,

Mark of divine within it.

Despite condition’s will

Forgiving, serving still;

For love’s redemptive rays

Rejoice with songs of praise

In thankful celebration.


4. Thanks be for living’s precious gift,

Rich, free and fragile bearing;

All flesh as grass by fortune rift,

Yet cradled in love’s caring.

Potential joy and pain

Are ours to share again;

At peace in all our ways

For life restored give praise

In thankful celebration.




© David Stevenson 2011

Review & Commentary