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Hymn “O God, Who Does Love Me”

Tune: Gordon 11 11.11 11



O God, who does love me / And brought me to birth
With me through my childhood / You welcomed my mirth
I still can remember / When to you I would pray
You promised to love me / To never skip a day

O God, who does love me / To you I’m confirmed
I’ve promised to love you / Throughout my life’s term
I vow to love others / As I love myself
God, help me in faithfulness / To place love over wealth

O God, who does love me / Though I am confused
I’ve started to question / All I thought was true
I doubt your existence / I cannot understand
How evil has prospered / And you’ve not raised your hand

O God, who does love me / Though I don’t believe
Why do I still feel you / I still can’t conceive
The war and the violence/ Is more than I can bear
I still hold to loving / But do you really care

O God, who does love me / I still hear your voice
You speak loud or tender / Despite the world’s noise
You call me to free the souls / That justice has denied
You call me to peacemaking / God, know that I have tried

O God, who does love me / I feel I have failed
Oppression and anger / Continue to sail
I feel like my rudder’s broke / The waves are all around
O God, will you save me / As discontent abounds

Music: Adoniram J. Gordon, 1876; Words: Rev. Bret Stuart Myers, 2/26/2007

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