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Hymns from Ecologisers: In Peace and Love and To Bless The Earth


We are Ecologisers, the Young People’s International Anti-litter Charity with a mission to ecologise – put eco-lyrics to – the world’s song-base.

As an eco-lyricist, the EcoHymns are very special offering intergenerational continuity and the opportunity to re-honour the sacred music of our ancestors in a way relevant to the modern world. The tunes are so powerful and resonant of the sacred.

EcoHymns in the context of EcoSongs are a way to re-value and celebrate the Earth. Their specialness is rooted in the reverence of the original composers.

Below is the EcoHymn ‘In Peace and Love’ to the hymn-tune of ‘How Great Thou Art’ which was originally a Swedish traditional melody.

I am an eco-lyricist. I put celebratory, upbeat, positive eco-lyrics to famous song-tunes, anthems, carols and hymns. The Latvians and Estonians attribute their success at gaining freedom from a very oppressive regime to their communal singing. Singing is both good for people, well-being, and extremely powerful.

Enjoy the following EcoHymns:

In Peace and Love


To Bless The Earth


Ecologisers is a formal charity registered at the office of the Scottish Charity Regulator OSCR. Trustees are Ann Palmer, her husband Peter Lyons, and Ruth MacAlpine.

Ecologisers: the Young People’s International Anti-litter and Environmental Charity SC048663


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