I Am Love- Music Video


Published on Sep 27, 2013

The official music video for the single, “I Am Love,” by David Courtenay
Directed by Ali Lassoued
Produced by Al Keys & David Courtenay
Cinematography and Editing : Ali Lassoued

The single is available for download athttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-a….

Words and music of “I Am Love” by David Courtenay © 2013. Recorded and produced by David Courtenay and Tom Donnelly of ATD Productions. Recording features Miguel León on percussion, Jonathan Brownfield on lead guitar and Harry Swalley on trumpet. Vocals, rhythm guitar and piano by David Courtenay.


Lyrics :

I was lost in the clutter of my mind and all its thoughts.
I was wrapped up in my worried point of view.
Then your love came and struck me
Just like lightning to my bones
And I knew, and I knew, yes I knew.
You are love and I praise you every morning with the sun.
You are light and I soak you in like sunshine to my soul.
It’s the truth and it set me free to find out who I am;
I Am Love, I Am Love, I Am Love

When I lifted up my eyes
your beauty caught me by surprise
And though I thought that I was wise
You know I couldn’t see
‘Cause I had been stuck in my head
And I was like the living dead
‘Til your voice so clearly said
“Be still and know I’m here.”

You are warm like a flame that melts the ice around my heart
You are kind like a river flows and waters all the earth.
You forgive, like a mountain that’s been stripped of all it’s gold
And you give, and you give, yes you give


I am love david

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