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I Pray Anyway PLAYbook

Discussion and Workshop for I Pray Anyway: Devotions for the Ambivalent

PLAYbook for I Pray Anyway: Devotions for the Ambivalent is a creative, thought provoking guide/curriculum based on the book I Pray Anyway: Devotions for the Ambivalent by Joyce Wilson-Sanford.
Themes from the book, such as Faith & Doubt, Miracles, Solitude & Silence are explored. Each of the 13 chapters contains questions for discussion groups or book clubs as well as workshop activities that are innovative and interactive. Resources are suggested for deeper exploration.

The PLAYbook’s purpose is to open up discussion about the changes in modern religion, with all points of view being respected and explored in order to honor the past, discard what isn’t working and to create new forms for the sacred in an overly secular world.
I Pray Anyway: Devotions for the Ambivalent by Joyce Wilson-Sanford is comprised of 365 daily reflections and 12 monthly personal stories. It tells of the author’s return to a prayer/devotions practice as she shares her own very naked, very funny, very touching prayers and reflections.

The book also shares Joyce’s personal history of bumps and bruises both in her life and in her spiritual growth. This is not a didactic book. The author has no answers for others, but shares how and why she prays. Her inclusive approach, practical voice and humorous compassion welcome anyone wanting to have their own devotional practice beyond their own ambivalence—to pray anyway. Joyce speaks the language of the spiritually independent and articulates the ambivalence of the growing group who are religiously disenfranchised.
Click here or the above image to purchase I Pray Anyway: Devotions for the Ambivalent.
About the Author
Joyce is a retired global executive (which means once upon a time she knew how to function) is the mother of five adult children and grandmother of five grandkids (which means she is flexible resourceful and incapable of shock) is married to a marriage counselor and author (which means thank goodness she is funny) is serious about life (which means thank goodness she is funny) is unique, creative and playful (which means she has enough perspective to have some wisdom) Is passionate about whatever she does (including her writing and her three blogs—I Pray Anyway, CEO Note to Self and Truth Burps—all of which can be found at readjoyce.com)

Review & Commentary