If I Had My Way (Mom’s Choice Award Recipient)

Award Winning Finalist International Book Awards Best Children’s Hard Cover Non-Fiction

If I Had My Way is a wonderful, fun story about “doing the right thing!” Children love the beautiful illustrations by well known artist Carol Dixon. Excellent for stimulating conversation about selfishness, greed, and taking care of ones health. It is perfectly in tune with early childhood classes about character enhancement and encourages the reader to think about the consequences of their actions…before they choose…not after!


“Reading is a fundamental skill that I truly believe every child must have to be successful. West Virginia s growth lies in our ability to educate the next generation and emphasizing the importance of literacy is critical if we expect to go to the next level. Thank you. Please keep up the diligent work.” –Joe Manchin, Governor West Virginia”What a delightful story showing the relationship between a little girl and her Daddy. Every little girl would love to star in her very own storybook.” –Mrs. Lori Myers, 2nd grade teacher North Christian School

Review & Commentary

  • Sylvia Barnes

    Hello, I have a grandson with a beautiful little 4-year old daughter who seems to be emotionally, academically and socially advanced for her age and is very sensitive. Her mother, my grandson’s wife, is recovering from a bad fall from a flight of stairs in their home and requires a lot of help from my grandson and his little daughter. I think the responsibilities to her needs to both my grandson and his little girl, my great granddaughter, has taken it’s toll on all their relationships. I was wondering if this book could help re- establish the closeness and bonding between my great granddaughter and her daddy she felt before this accident happened.
    Would it be appropriate for a 4-year old who seems lost at this time.
    Thank you for any response.
    Sylvia Barnes

  • Hi Sylvia,
    Yes, I think this would be helpful and would be fine for a 4 year old. And could be read many times over the years.