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If You Want to Be Happy

From the ‘Sing Young, Sing Joyfully’ collection

1.  If you want to be happy

Love life more than things

Finding the joys which sharing brings.

If you want to end grieving

For dying or loss

Cry till your tears dissolve your cross.


2.  If you yearn for belonging

Make Earth your true home,

God’s sacred tent, God’s holy dome.

If you seek to be loving

Start loving yourself

Learning that love is life’s true wealth.


3.  If you want to be peaceful

Let go of old wrongs

Filling your heart with pardon’s songs.

If you long to be holy

Seek God in each place

Finding God’s word in silent space.


4.  If you aim to be Christ-like

Promote what is just

Spreading the Way of peace and trust.

If you crave to gain wholeness

Wed joy to your pain,

Singing till life is whole again.


Text and Music © William Livingstone Wallace

Harmony by Graham Hollobon

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