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In the Brilliant Sunshine

Hymn lyrics by Rev. Jim Gertmenian

In the brilliant sunshine, in the city street,

Hear the bright hosannas, hear the marching feet;

While in nearby shadows, down an alleyway,

Hear the hammer pounding as a cross is made.


Now the crowd surrounds him, laying garments down

With their branches lifted, tempt him to a crown.

But their adoration they will soon betray,

Love fades to desertion when a cross is made.


He had bid them follow to the journey’s end.

He had healed and taught them, had become their friend.

But the path turned upward, and the steeper grade

Caused their hearts to falter when a cross was made.


Now upon the hillside, in the brilliant sun,

We have mocked, derided, crucified the one

Who within the shadows and beyond death’s shade

Sought the light of vict’ry when a cross was made.


Ev’ry year that passes brings the Christ once more,

Prompting now hosannas, crowds that will adore,

So we seek within us love that will not fade,

Faith to give us courage when a cross is made.



Tune: King’s Weston (At the Name of Jesus)


© James Gertmenian, 1992


Jim Gertmenian has written a number of hymns and hymn lyrics to known tunes, available in printed form and CD. For more information, contact him at

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