Intercessions for Yarram

This intercession was written for Holy Trinity Anglican Church Yarram, South Gippsland, Australia.

Today is an everlasting smile,
praise brings us hope and light

takes away our chills and wanness,
in gratitude we give thanks in a world
gone dull to your word

the mercy is our stillness, and

and we singularly bring back community in your life

poets apart, touch Yarram with heart
and its wide seas. and tall trees, and distant spaces,

these all envelop me, and I make my prayer
in the name of the Holy Trinity, the one strong God.

touching our hearts and mind

Lord hear our prayer beyond distant tumbrils and touch us with grace.

this is a world of loving kindness, where we can embrace and technology doesn’t keep us apart.

You were planted long ago in indigenous times, and made your own hill, and may it be a hill of plenty.

suffering is still amongst us and causes us angst, but age-ing has its sorrows and toils and speaks of new faces and selves,

thick and thin and adventurous, strange places and people creep back into lives in memories.

Can we share history and the saving story of Jesus, and a resurrection life?

Lord bring us peace, and restfulness and vibrancy of new life and unite us in blessings.

and may we touch the saints of old, who weave us into one basket, of solid increment and place, to behold the stars aloft

by day the sun, and by night the moon

all bring brotherly and sisterly greetings, as we touch the day lightly with these new horizons, a splendour of their arraignment.

hello birds, sing to us- as we have dullness no longer, in the unison of our mutuality.

Amen,amen morning has broken and this is my song and prayer for you Yarram and surrounds, travel in peace now.

Noel Jeffs SSF

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